Liking someone is the first step that leads a heart to the love with another. As the quote says, “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” that the perspective of seeing someone differs from person to person. If someone doesn’t like you, your thinking, your attitude, that could be according his/her attitude and personality or could be there is some real issues with you personally ( haha).

Well just kidding, but the point here I want to make is that people like things which they find easy, similar, interesting, loveable and so on. 

When you start liking someone, allow some time for the other person too, for a better understanding, which is very important. Before saying or expressing to them that you like him/her, try to understand the situation and the way they look at you, the way you both are together. Understanding someone the way they want, listening them when they want, helping them in their bad time, giving them much time to live in their separate space can make things better. A person would never like someone who will try to be over possessive for them. From your side it’s fine, you are doing it for him/her just to make them happy and helping them because you like that but they don’t know that you like them in some other way, in which they don’t. So giving time and space in any  relationship is very important.

After a long time, when you feel it in your heart that this person is becoming more important to you and also the other person has started spending most of their free time with you, then ask for casual dates. Dates are some formulas for solving a brief chemical reaction in a relationship. Speak it out to the person what your heart wanna say. Tell the person because this would be the right time for this. If the person appreciates it then it’s really good, go on with spending more of quality time with each other. And if has not appreciated, then it’s also fine because now you know more clearly what the thing is. Don’t make more efforts for that because love is a thing which cannot be forced. Not saying to end up the relationship, but to go with the flow knowing what the other person thinks. 

Never keep anything in your heart. If you like someone, say it. If you love someone, say it. This life doesn’t give many times to be in love, so if you feel it, express it, accept it, nurture it.  Saying someone will clear the thing and not saying can hurt you badly in the future. If they don’t see you that way or they have already started loving someone.

By -  Vishal Swami

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