What comes in your mind when you hear this word anywhere?

I call this a transition, from a lie or fakeness to reality. Yes we can’t blame or do anything if someone breakup from a relationship. We can’t stop them because they are already gone. And that hurts, their memories come again and again, and we think that it’s really hard to get over this. That’s where we call ‘MOVE ON’ as a difficult transition or step in our life. 

But it’s very important for you to move on, because like that person your time also won’t stop. It will go on, you will get one year extra in your next birthday, one extra year in your age means ‘one less year from the rest of your life’. It’s hard to move on, this statement is damn true. I agree. But believe me the life after that broken phase is too beautiful. The energy is too high, breakup gives us a hidden energy which we can use as a weapon for our success. There are many people who have done this, it motivates us, it gives power, it makes us understand many things of our life, but only if taken positively. We should teach our heart and mind that if someone want to go, let him/her go. Because forcing someone to stay can make their presence with you but their heart can never be yours. When someone left us, it is clear in the sentence itself that they left. Now requesting them, crying for them to stay in your life is meaningless. Love is a feeling which meant to be complete if it’s from both the sides. And if it’s not, then it’s just one sided love, which leads you to that person again and again. 

If you wanna move on then forget this that you will ever be moved on from that person whom you have loved. That person will always be in your memories. It’s up to you if you wanna keep it as a good memory or a bad one. In both the cases think about good memories and feel the love inside your heart. Keep yourself busy with work or something you like. Like I do read books, and when I was going through this time books helped me a lot. Slowly start thinking about something you wanted to become and start working for it. Because it’s a motivational phase of your life when you can make commitments to yourself. 

Make more friends, talk to the random people around you, see them, make an idea about their life. Nobody is perfect, breakup happens in life, people will come and go but remember you have to be with yourself. It’s only you who can do it, who can motivate the inner broken piece of yours and make wonders in life. Move on is life changing step or transition to another chapter of this life. 

Start moving on, because staying broken, crying for someone won’t change anything. It will just destroy you. Before living with someone it’s very important to get a habit to live happily with yourself. 

Move on, fight this, and help others.     

by Vishal Swami

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