If Your Boyfriend Has These 17 Traits… Don’t Let Him Go, Girl!

If Your Boyfriend Has These 17 Traits… Don’t Let Him Go, Girl!

If Your Boyfriend Has These 17 Traits… Don’t Let Him Go, Girl!

Falling in love with someone is something you do not always have control over. But if you have been fortunate enough to find a guy who is everything you ever dreamt of…and more, do not let him go! You might want to marry your guy if he has these qualities...

1. Respects you and your career...

...as much as he respects his own.

2. Can handle a difference of opinion

Without making a big hue and cry about it.

3. Is not fussy about your past and believes in building a future with you

Because he does not believe in bickering over things which no longer exist and instead, wants to build a life with you.

4. Gets along with your friends, especially your bestie!

And your bestie likes him and is absolutely comfortable around him.

5. Doesn’t shy away from introducing you as his girlfriend

He doesn’t need to use ambiguous words such as ‘special friend’ or ‘the girl I like’ to describe you. He is happy and most importantly, comfortable referring to you as his girlfriend.

6. He really listens to you

And then gives you honest suggestions regarding the issue at hand.

7. Knows the exact ice cream flavour you need when you are on your period

He does not mind picking up sanitary napkins for you, if needed. And when you’re craving all kinds of comfort food, he’s there to get you anything and everything you need.

8. Is open about discussing sex.

Because it matters and he gets that. He’s considerate enough not to assume what you like or think only about his pleasure.

9. He respects your space

He never judges you on the basis of what you wear or where you go, at what time and with whom. He respects your individuality as much as he does his own.

10. Knows when to apologize

When he is at fault, more than saying it, he makes an effort to actually show that he is sorry for whatever inappropriate thing he did or said.

11. Pulls the chair for you

Chivalry is a dying trait and if he still has it, then he’s the one to hold on to.

12. He can make you laugh

And he gets your jokes too.

13. He can take a stand for you…

And he does that confidently because he loves you and believes in you.

14. He does not feel the need to track you 24x7

Sometimes when you want to be alone or just be with your girlfriends, he lets you be instead of incessantly calling and asking where you are.

15. Trusts and confides in you

He is not afraid to confide his fears and apprehensions. He trusts you with his secrets and can rely on you for an honest opinion.

16. Believes in your dreams.

He doesn’t think they are stupid or impractical. In fact, he motivates you to keep chasing them.

17. Loves you for who you are

And not for who he can manipulate you into becoming. He thinks you are beautiful just the way you are and doesn’t shy away from saying so every now and then.

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